Do you know about Maulana Abul Kalam?

Hi Doreado readers!!! How are you doing? Oh, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope your start into the year is going great!

Anyway, I chose to post an essay that I had submitted in my school about Maulana Abul Kalam and his contributions.  


We all know our first education minister of India, Maulana Abul Kalam. This great Indian scholar was born on 11th November 1888 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This day is celebrated as National education day nationwide. Abul Kalam has got the Bharat Ratna as an award.  His full name – Maulana Sayyid Abul Kalam Ghulam Muhiyyudin Ahmed Azad – is quite long. Abul Kalam’s most famous book is India Wins Freedom. He was an Independence Activist and an Islamic Theologian. And he also became the first education minister of India. He is the reason that today we all receive a great education. Most kids do not like to study, because they find it boring and dull to actually memorise it. But to Abul Kalam, it was his treasure. It was a kind of treasure that people around him rarely took even though they were offered. The treasure was education, of course. He cherished it and enjoyed it all his life. From a young age, he knew that he needed to help his countrymen and their descendants get a proper education. Offering people around him help in studies was not working. His goal – Helping India get an education in a national way for all to study – was one he considered important. While he was trying to make his dream and goal come through, he went through his education and became an Independence Activist. A very good one too. He also was one of the senior national congress leaders during the Indian Independence Movement. Step by step, he climbed up his way to the top until finally, he managed to become the first education minister of India. Under his developments, everyone began to get an education. Abul Kalam saw the future descendants of India who were uneducated and thought about a way to prevent this. So he declared that each and every child till the age of fourteen will receive a free and proper education. He was trying to get to his goal and he achieved it. But that was not the end of the ladder. Not long after he was handling education, he decided to bring up the fact of Women not being educated. After a couple of arguments, strikes, laws, and court affairs, it was officially declared that under the watchful eye Abul Kalam, even Women would receive education and girls will be educated. He began to serve the position as the first Education Minister of India. He also was a part of several universities and made sure that the education being given out to all the citizens was following a schedule based on age. Then he remembered about his days as a congress Leader. He didn’t stay in India, but he went to different countries to gain more knowledge. He even wrote several books. His contribution as the first education minister has helped us a lot. Abul Kalam did not take much time to become popular in other places. He was respected and was praised for the knowledge he had. Maulana Abul  Kalam was a natural leader too. I am very thankful to Maulana Abul Kalam for bringing in the idea of education for all and for everything else that he has done. I think that wealth is again and knowledge is wealth. 


Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi – Father of the nation

Hi everyone! Yesterday, Oct 02 was Gandhi Jayanti. On this occasion, I have decided to present an essay I wrote on Gandhiji that I submitted for a competition. I hope you like it!


A long time ago, there was a person who said something beautiful, something that would continue to ring in the ears of every citizen in the world for aeons to come. They say, he walked on these very grounds, wearing nothing but a white dhoti around his waist and a towel draped around his shoulders. He walked with a walking cane in one of his hands, and the other hand, they say, was always reaching out to do good deeds.

Have you planted anything yet?

My school had a plantation drive last week and asked us to plant a sapling in our garden. We were supposed to send a video of us planting it. Even though we were asked to plant a sapling, I overlooked that tiny detail and planted some mustard seeds instead. One has to use what one has got, right?

I would like to share the video here. Please remember to plant something as long as it will grow into something (except this virus. it doesn’t seem to stop growing)

Essay: World Peace Day

Hi there ! Happy World Peace Day! 


Peace. What does Peace mean? What is so special in this word? 

Peace means freedom. Liberty. No fights. No killing. Everything is calm and undisturbed. That’s the way the World should be. Now, everyday is not like that. Of course, it has some ups and downs, but that’s the way of life. Life is definitely not balanced, with too many downs, and too less ups. So, we can’t balance the world exactly, but we can create a day of world peace, a day where there are no disruptions. And that’s why World Peace Day was established or founded  in 1981, and was celebrated on 21st September every year. 

Essay: Why should you think about saving water?

Hi everyone! As you know, water is very important. So, it’s crucial that we save it for our future generations. I have written an essay on Awareness of water. I hope you like it! 


We all know the colourless, tasteless fluid in the surroundings around us. Ever since the beginning of the world, this fluid has been like a mother to us, providing and expanding herself everywhere, to everyone. This is a hearty fluid we know as ‘Water’.

Essay: Happy Teacher’s Day

Hello! As you know, today was teacher’s day! A very Happy Teacher’s day to everyone. I have a short but truthful essay that I submitted on account of Teachers Day and would like to share it with you. I hope you like it!   


 I take great pleasure in writing these lines of gratitude, to some people whom I admire. Teachers. Teachers are the one who helps us become what we want. 

Story: Dinosaur Dilemma

Hello there! I was really bored during the lockdown. Who isn’t? Luckily, my Mother spotted a competition conducted by This was a storytelling competition, and I wrote one called Dinosaur Dilemma. Sadly, it didn’t make the cut, but, I wanted to share it with you. Hope you like it. 

Dinosaur Dilemma 

It was a very busy day. The Walter family was going to visit one of the famous museums in the world. There was a mum, a dad, a boy called Wayne, and a girl called Wilma. Wayne was pouting. He wanted to go to France to visit the art museum called louwer. 

Hostel Life

I wrote the below essay about the advantages and disadvantages of hostel life. I wrote it when I was bored, just for fun, and now I would like to share it with you.   

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life

Hostel or boarding school is a school where children stay there and receive an education. They go back home in the holidays and come back to school.