Month: April 2021

An invention that changed our social life

Disclaimer: I originally submitted this article for a monthly essay competition conducted by Monomousumi


We all know that long before, there were no humans. When humans at last developed, they didn’t have any social skills. As time went by, they became more familiar with their surroundings and came to know how to survive. That didn’t exactly improve their social skills. As the aeons went by, there was the introduction of electronics. If there is one thing in the world that has changed our social life completely, it is Technology. Ever since that term and its projects were established, one could sense that it was not going to be inactive anytime soon. And technology didn’t stop at the telephones, gramophones, and radios. For a while, there was nothing else made in electronics. But then came the greatest invention of all. The phone.

Deadly Exams

You know that time when you go down to play, then one of your friends say “ooh, I’ve got exams”, you are not worried at all. Why? Because you don’t have to write the exam. While my friend can’t come down for ages, I am enjoying my time playing and romping about. Whenever my friend sees me, I have even more fun because my friend reminds me of her ongoing exams. But, when mom reminded me of my exams, the tables turned. My friend is gladly having fun morning, noon, and night, while I am studying morning to night. Going down is a strict no-no.