Deadly Exams

You know that time when you go down to play, then one of your friends say “ooh, I’ve got exams”, you are not worried at all. Why? Because you don’t have to write the exam. While my friend can’t come down for ages, I am enjoying my time playing and romping about. Whenever my friend sees me, I have even more fun because my friend reminds me of her ongoing exams. But, when mom reminded me of my exams, the tables turned. My friend is gladly having fun morning, noon, and night, while I am studying morning to night. Going down is a strict no-no. 

First, I faced my worst nightmare first thing in the morning even when I was not sleeping. I had to face the ordeal of getting through my Social Studies exam. 

History? ‘Write about any famous epic. Include name, date and year.’ Easy peasy. On 25 December 1978 ‘Superman was created’. Superman is a last-century epic. 1978 is almost 50 years back. It’s history. 

Geography? ‘Name the four realms of the Earth’. Simple. Zeus (the Sky), Poseidon (The water), Hades (The Underworld), and the humans (The surface). Sky, Water, Underground, Ground. 

Civics? ‘State the meaning of the term Question Hour.’ Done in 10 seconds. An hour when you can ask questions.

The next day, I racked my brains and tried to survive through maths.

Decimals? ‘Which is greater: 5.31 or 5.258?’ The answer is obvious. One which has more value. 

Algebra? ‘If y/5 = 1, what is the value of y?’ Easy. ‘y’ is a number that makes y/5 = 1. 

Ratio? ‘If 30 oranges cost Rs 120, what is the cost of 50 oranges? Easy Peasy. It depends on the shopkeeper.  

The next day, I read a lot of comics. Storybooks. Newspapers. Why? Because I was preparing for my English exam. Finally, mercy! I thought I’ll just swing by through English. But does things become simple? No. 

What are pronouns? Ah, that’s okay. Pronouns are types of speeches that are like nouns but have ‘pro’ as a prefix. 

What are the types of pronouns? Umm…Lazy pronoun, Big pronoun, Small pronoun, and Hard-working pronoun. Easiest exam ever. Or at least until the marks come. 

After English, I prepped myself for another language. Hindi. Writing exams in another language, really make me think why? Why do I have to write this exam? But, at least I am learning another language. So…let’s just skip this one because I knew all the answers.

Ditto for Sanskrit.

The best time of the exam week is the last exam. The second you finish writing the exam…The noise is like a nuclear bomb. And that’s exactly how I sounded when the exam was over. I painted my nails, I played with my toys, I read books, and I mostly watched TV (duh).

I did NOT write any of these answers to my question in my real exam paper. This is all just for fun, so follow at your own risk.

Feature Image Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu on Unsplash

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