Essay: Atmanirbhar Bharat

Today India is celebrating its 74th Independence day. I wrote the following essay on ‘ Atmanirbhar Bharat – Swatantra Bharat’, for a school competition. I hope you like it. 


Throughout India, most people are classified by their Gender, Caste, and Ethnic biases. This system would have worked out great back in the good old days, but now it just doesn’t  work well. The system used nowadays is obviously a huge improvement, but that doesn’t  mean there are no more faults.

People are one now, but in that, there’s a lower caste and upper caste. Everybody is given equal rights, but since lower caste people are those who are poor, they cannot go to school or send their kids there. They can give entrance exams all the same, though people judge them unfairly, thinking that since they are poor and have not got much education,they can pass if they score over an average amount. The upper class people think that they are helping them, but they are completely wrong. For a start, what about the upper caste children? They are wealthy, they can go to school and receive good education and live a life of luxury and hardship. Just because they come from a wealthy family and receive good education, they have to score excellent marks. People think that upper caste people have more and good brains than lower class ones. That’s an outright lie,as the caste they are divided into doesn’t affect their brains. And what about a qualification to become a Doctor? Lower class people, in their hearts, may wish to become a Doctor, and help people. They can become one, if they get a passing mark. Being a Doctor is a great achievement, but they have to become one in the right way. If someone from a backward caste becomes a doctor with just a passing score, because of the quota, he might not know many things. It’s very important for all the children to be equal, and be competing for the same grades.

Another thing wrong with the current system is Ethnic Biases. Who are we, to judge a person’s colour, and to tell if he was ugly or beautiful? God gave us this colour as he knew we were worth it. We should be proud to have such a variety of colours of skin, instead, we are creating a whole new system for it . Why is White more beautiful? It’s equal to black. If white has more advantages than black, it’s really unfair. Of course, every black child, who’s  every bit as funny, powerful, talented, and clever, is missing many opportunities to prove his  talents just because of a system. 

These things have to change. And though the current system is like this, I have full faith and belief that things will change in the future, for good. If we overcome gender, caste and ethnic biases as a country that is when we will truly become Atmanirbhar Bharat. Jai Hind! 

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!                                                                                                                     


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