Essay: Happy Teacher’s Day

Hello! As you know, today was teacher’s day! A very Happy Teacher’s day to everyone. I have a short but truthful essay that I submitted on account of Teachers Day and would like to share it with you. I hope you like it!   


 I take great pleasure in writing these lines of gratitude, to some people whom I admire. Teachers. Teachers are the one who helps us become what we want. 

Let me say for the record, that teachers are not people who are appointed to “just cram facts in children’s head”, as some people call it. Nope, they do much more than that. They help us achieve our dreams. Yeah, up to this point, these lines I am writing are probably boring. But wait, the best part is yet to come. Let me explain. 

So, suppose that you want to be a scientist. For this career, you will need a wide knowledge. But,  from where does this knowledge come from? We know it. We tell an answer to the question aloud. But, who helped you with knowing the answers? Before that, who taught you to read?  It’s your mother, who helped you at home. But, it’s your school teacher, who taught you the answers to the subjects. Due to your hard work and Teacher’s help, you are a scientist, ready to help humanity. Hurrah! 

See? Every teacher needs the praise they deserve. They are like a  memory. Just one sad thing – We don’t remember those memories. Oh, and apart from helping us achieve our dreams, they never give up on helping us too.  I’ll give another example. 

Teachers help us to read, write, spell words, addition, subtraction… You get the idea. The point is, they are like a helping hand to us. 

And most importantly, when mothers or fathers can’t, teachers make light for us in the darkest of times. They listen to every suggestion everyone makes, trying their best to improve everything, including the children’s skills.  I have made a little poem, to express my deep gratitude for helping with everything. 


When there is no light, 

you came, 

The heartful person, 

Who’s Heartfulness spread fame. 

You pushed your way forward, 

In order to make light, 

What have I done, 

To deserve such delight? 

I have done nothing, 

It’s all you, 

You’re the golden gift, 

God sent to help people through. 

I am thankful, 

For all you have done for me, 

Big, not little gestures, 

That fills my Heart with Glee.

I am really thankful for all that you have done for us. I thank all the teachers, and hope their inspiration will motivate me into doing better things. 

Teachers are our heroes. They keep on suggesting  interesting programmes to help us learn and enjoy. I wonder how it would have been, in the good old days. There was not much technology then, so it was a bit boring, I think. But past all that, the teachers have put away the past of no technology and made sure there was plenty for us to study. 

Here, I have a very intriguing question, which has been nagging my mind to find out the answer. Now, I can let it free, and answer it. 

                                       “ When are teachers heroes?” 

Here is the answer: Now. During this horrifying pandemic of Covid19, for education, all the teachers are the Heroes. They still somehow teach us and organise competitions. They give us links to various competitions for us to participate and win prizes. They minimised the time of classes so that we don’t have to get glasses. 

See? Our teachers are our heroes. And I, as a student, have seen the efforts which have been taken by teachers. 

It’s not like they are free either. They also have families and many distractions. Even so, with Herculean effort, they put aside their woes, troubles, and even families, just to teach us and give us an excellent education. 

Teachers are older than us, and were born in an age where there was not much technology. So, even they spend their time learning to use the new technology and passing it on to us. 

Teachers are a building. And like every building, they have a strong base. That base is the principal. The Principal takes all the decisions and makes out the time tables. She has work up to her knuckles, managing the school, giving out salaries, arranging meetings, and also household chores. 

A special thanks from my side, not only to the teachers and Principal of my School, but to every teacher and Principal in the world. 

Thank you 

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