Essay: Why should you think about saving water?

Hi everyone! As you know, water is very important. So, it’s crucial that we save it for our future generations. I have written an essay on Awareness of water. I hope you like it! 


We all know the colourless, tasteless fluid in the surroundings around us. Ever since the beginning of the world, this fluid has been like a mother to us, providing and expanding herself everywhere, to everyone. This is a hearty fluid we know as ‘Water’.

Since then, There has been water everywhere. It’s like water is so excited to save so many plants and lives. She forced herself, from a drop to glass to a mug to a bucket to a tank to a small Stream. Then, the small Stream becomes a River, then a Pond, then a sea, then a big ocean. That’s okay. She is just saving many many lives. But, as you know, having good intentions and wanting to achieve them, you really can get too excited. 

That’s exactly what happened in February 1893. Water just got so hyperactive, she went to give the world her water so that everybody can have some. Water was just discovering her powers, then, so she had no idea that she could cause a flood. That month, she heard all the needy people dying of thirst, needing water. She quickly thrust her water towards them. She wanted them to live, so she  unfortunately took a little too much water towards them. Then, came the birth of flood. Luckily, it managed to die down. 

Water has been there since the world began. It’s still here, giving her water to everyone. 

But there is one question, which I find most intriguing. “ If everyone was using water, how is it possible that it didn’t finish yet?” 

The answer is simple: Rain. Here, it was Rain’s turn to save people’s and Creature’s lives, by saving water. Rain came down to Earth and showered herself down heavily. By Rain’s water, the Seas and Oceans and all the numerous number of Water bodies filled up. But Rain still went on. Due to this reason, Heavy Rainfall began to destroy everything. Seeing the cause of the Destruction, Rain was horrified. Then she calmed down, and decided that during the mid-year, she’ll shower her Rain for two or three months. 

I find one thing most annoying. Why on Earth do people think that Water is unlimited? It’s not. Wake up and see the reality, people. Here’s the medicine i’m providing to wake you up from your world of Fantasy:

Many trees started  growing due to Water’s water. Then they got thirsty, I guess. They called out for Water and Rain. Since water was far away to reach the forest, Rain provided help here. Since the Trees called out to her, she began providing Rain water to them. 

Then came the big blow, as I call it. Technology began to form. See, I don’t have anything against technology. During this period of Covid19, Technology proved itself very useful. How do you think I’m attending school? 

Back to the topic. Nowadays, everyone’s cutting down trees to make houses and other stuff. Now, because of that, there is a scarcity of Rainfall. Without Rainfall, there won’t be enough Water! This is always being preached everywhere to save Water, but people take no notice. Now, don’t take me wrong. I always try to save water. 

Now, did THAT wake you up? 

I don’t think so. People never give notice to such boring, long, anecdotes. Don’t worry. You don’t have to. Here is my New plan to save Water. If you like making people happy, then doing this will give you pleasure as you are helping and doing your part to save Mother Water and making her happy. 


  • Step 1 – As people invented technology and now are making stuff so easily, I’m giving them a project. 
  • Step 2 – Do a research, and observe how much water people use everyday. 
  • Step 3 – Do an experiment to find out how much water is needed every day. 
  • Step 4 – Crunch up numbers on a calculator to figure out how much Water could be saved. 


  • Step 5 – Invent a system, where each tap gives out only the needed amount at a time and closes itself. 
  • Step 6 – Collect all the waste, dirty water in tanks. 
  • Step 7 – Distribute this Water to each forest for the plants and Animals. 

Come on, people. Let’s join hands and make a great achievement. 

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat. 

 THANK YOU !!      

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