Essay: World Peace Day

Hi there ! Happy World Peace Day! 


Peace. What does Peace mean? What is so special in this word? 

Peace means freedom. Liberty. No fights. No killing. Everything is calm and undisturbed. That’s the way the World should be. Now, everyday is not like that. Of course, it has some ups and downs, but that’s the way of life. Life is definitely not balanced, with too many downs, and too less ups. So, we can’t balance the world exactly, but we can create a day of world peace, a day where there are no disruptions. And that’s why World Peace Day was established or founded  in 1981, and was celebrated on 21st September every year. 

There is nothing special about the word Peace. But the happiness and calmness this word’s action gives out – now that is special. Why should we need Peace? I’ll explain. 

Imagine a world full of no-peace. So many harmful attacks, no rest or calmness, everybody infuriated, …. That’s bad. A world full of no-peace? Mark by words,that kind of world is going to be really messy. I’m not saying that only a no-peace world will be messy. A world full of only peace will be wrong too. 

A world full of only peace. There will be no Animal parks to keep Animals restricted. People will think that Animals should be let free, and nobody should hunt them, due to peace. I’m not saying that it’s wrong, but it’s not logical. I mean the Animal population will increase. That’s a good thing, but that’s not so good when Animals will not be hunted or poached and because of that, the human population will not exist anymore, as the Animals will eat them! See what I mean? It just doesn’t fit in the picture. 

We need peace. It’s essential for controlling anger. We need anger, so that the world is not full peace. Now that kind of world fits right in. 

Now.. one question still remains. How should we practice Peace? That answer may sound simple, but it is actually very hard to follow it, for every one. Let me just say for a fact that you don’t practice Peace. It’s not a thing to practice. It’s an emotion. You should let your emotions flow freely. The emotions will allow freedom and Peace. 

Come on let’s try to bring the World more Peace – but not too much too !  


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