Hetty Feather

During the lockdown, I read many many many books . I was just casually browsing through ‘em, when this book caught my eye. 


This was a book I did not read for a long time as I had lost it . When I flipped through it , I found it very entertaining . This is a book , which has a very nice way of taking the reader’s mind off the  current lockdown . It’s a book about a fiery little girl, called Hetty Feather, who has red hair. She was living with her foster family for the first five years of her life. She wasn’t aware that she was a foster kid. Only when she lost her foster sister, she knew the same was about to happen to her.

For a full five years, she was happy, as she was with her family, secretly going to a circus with her foster  brother, finding her basket brother, who was almost dead as he was lost and freezing, going along on happy trips to the town market, and playing happily. 

For Three years, life was peaceful and adventurous for little Hetty, when a disaster struck. When her foster sister disappeared, it aroused suspicion among the children. when they knew where she had gone, she was gone forever. Will the same happen to little Hetty?  

Follow Hetty as she goes to a place she loathes.She tries to run away, but her attempts are in vain.

Watch as Hetty finally finds some joy – but will she lose it?  

Will Hetty find her happy ever after … or will she not? 

For the answers for these questions, find out in your very own copy of HETTY FEATHER, written by Jaqueline Wilson  in three simple steps – 

  • Step 1- click this link here
  • Step 2- buy the book on Amazon.  
  • Step 3- read the book and figure out the answers yourself. 

Enjoy reading the book!       

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