Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

Hello, Doreado readers! I know I know, I haven’t posted anything for a long time, mainly because of exams, and I also haven’t written a book review in like a hundred years, so I decided to write a book review right now! So I’m gonna pick a book…let’s see… aha! Now, readers, introducing you to ..

This book is about a 6th grader who has dyslexia and ADHD. Pretty hyperactive boy. So yeah, this kid got abandoned by his father even before he was born. His mother married a Stinky human called Gabe. Seriously, I don’t think even a goat can stand that guy’s smell. (You’ll understand why I said ‘goat’ and not any other animal when you read the entire book). Then one day on a field trip to school, he quite accidentally um..evaporated turned his maths teacher into mist. Then he goes asking around like, “Has anyone seen Miss Dodds? Has anyone seen Miss Dodds?”, which I find pretty stupid of him because he knew he had totally ‘misted’ his maths teacher (In a way, I’m happy he did that. Miss Dodds’ way of teaching maths is so boring, it will put you to sleep faster than a sleeping juice). Then, he finds out that he is half God – Greek God to be exact – and also finds out that his best friend is an… I think you’ll know when you read the book. So he goes to this camp, meets a few friends, makes an enemy, and is labelled as a thief. As we all know, Zeus is the greatest Greek God – or so it is said. Zeus blames Percy for stealing something of his, and Percy takes along two of his friends, blasts a bus, and travels to the world of the dead. Then, the Oracle’s words come true. There is a betrayer in the camp. The Oracle foresaw the future and suddenly, a friend turned into an enemy. But, there was light. Percy saw and spoke to his father live for the first time on Olympus (home of the Gods). 

I really recommend this book. It is packed with adventure, and there is not enough space. You have, have, have to buy this book. If you want to read it, click the link below. You’ll be happy when you read about someone who has crappy luck.

Happy New Year! 👋 

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