Sapphire Battersea

If you are a fan of Hetty Feather, you’re going to love this book. Previously, little Hetty was in a place she tried to escape from. Now, she is older, and is going to be a proper servant her friend governor has arranged for her.

In Sapphire Battersea, join the older Hetty, as she has to become a servant and be as good as gold. Easy peasy for Hetty, right? Er……… wrong. 

Nobody can stop Hetty. Watch as she becomes the maid of all work at a rich house with a cook and parlourmaid, who wanted a bigger girl to be their helping hand.

Help Hetty decide, who’s going to be her dear sweetheart. Is it her childhood sweetheart,dear  Jem, – or is it playful funny Bertie?

In this next adventurous book, Hetty finds a lot of disgust, happiness, angriness and lastly, an heartbreaking event. 

Will little Hetty get dismissed? Or…. will she publish her memoirs?

Is she going to be a maid, or part of Mr Clarendons Curiosities? This is the perfect book to read during lockdown, and I loved it. Every page is an adventure for me and Hetty – or is her name Sapphire ? It’s perfect to read at a time like this. I enjoyed it very much and hope you’ll enjoy it too. You can find the book by clicking here: Sapphire Battersea (Hetty Feather)

Enjoy reading the book!    

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