Story: Dinosaur Dilemma

Hello there! I was really bored during the lockdown. Who isn’t? Luckily, my Mother spotted a competition conducted by This was a storytelling competition, and I wrote one called Dinosaur Dilemma. Sadly, it didn’t make the cut, but, I wanted to share it with you. Hope you like it. 

Dinosaur Dilemma 

It was a very busy day. The Walter family was going to visit one of the famous museums in the world. There was a mum, a dad, a boy called Wayne, and a girl called Wilma. Wayne was pouting. He wanted to go to France to visit the art museum called louwer. 

“ Heavens, for the nineteenth time, it’s not louwer. It’s Louvre”, groaned Wilma. “

Honestly, you pretend you’re so smart, when you’re not” 

Finally, they reached the museum. It looked striking, as Wilma called it. The exhibits were spectacular. Wilma was only keen on seeing the Egyptian exhibits. As they passed each room, Wayne stopped short as soon as he saw the real bones of a real Dino. ‘No way!’, he thought. He fumbled around his purse – (It’s a secret that Wayne has a purse. Don’t spread it or the boys at Wayne’s school will tease him) – and took his camera out. It was a fine one and Wayne was very proud of it. He took many pictures of the exhibits hastily, but he wanted the picture of the bones of this magnificent creature to be perfect. Then, to his astonishment, the dinosaur started moving, and he was baffled. He looked around. He was alone, except for his sister Wilma, who was intently staring at her phone. He doubted even if an earthquake struck the museum, she would be looking up from her phone. 

“ Look! The Dino is moving! For goodness sake, look !”, Wayne shouted at Wilma. 

Wilma glanced up. The Dino had stopped moving by then. It had an itchy arm. The arm was very boney, but the Dino still scratched it. All Wilma could see was an obedient little Dino, behaving like a little sunbeam and staying in its pose. 

“Really, Wayne? Can’t you stop telling stories? #SoNotCool”, an irritated Wilma rolled her eyes. “No wonder the boys tease you. You’re so childish.” 

“B-b-but, I tell you, I saw it moving. Really! Why don’t you believe me?”

“ See there, and tell me what you see” 

“ A cute little Dino, without life” 

“ Exactly. How could it move, for goodness sake? What was it doing? Playing the piano? Selling girl-scout cookies?” 

Wayne remained quiet and decided not to answer his sarcastic sister. Then, he got an a-may-zing idea! ‘Eureka!’, he thought. He wanted to wait until the Dino started moving again so that he could take a video of it. Then, he would show the council the live video, become famous, earn millions, maybe trillions…

Wait. Is that the Dino moving? Yes, it is! 

Wayne quickly took out his camera and started to tape it. The Dino still had an itchy arm and was scratching it like mad. ‘Poor Dino!’, Wayne thought as he filmed it. ‘I should help it scratch its arm. Yes. I’ll climb up the bones and put some ointment on it. I should do it when there will be a crowd so that people see how kind I am’, Wayne thought happily. He also remembered that he had a film in his hand, as evidence. This was going to be the best day ever! 

He decided to have a little argument  conversation with his sister about dinosaurs. 

“Heyyy, sis, did you notice the dino moving ?”, Wayne asked.

“Hey, Wayne, did you notice that I’m wearing a lip gloss that’s so not popular? Red Ravishing lip gloss is not popular anymore! Candy Apple has moved to the top and now it’s the most popular. Nooooo!”, Wilma groaned. 

“Wilma, for your information, I’m going to get rich !” 

“Really, Wayne? And what else? Are going to be the king of Timbuktu?” 

“ No, but I swear, I saw the dino move !” 

” OMG, the girls are here! And they all are wearing a candy apple lipgloss. Listen, Wayne, I’ll believe you if you don’t tell the girls where I’m going. I’m going to the washroom to put on a candy apple lipgloss and blah blah blah. Bye”, Wilma said. 

People started arriving, and within minutes, the room was packed. Wayne took a deep breath. He knew it was his only chance. Breathing out slowly, he mustered up his courage and walked towards the dino. Well, its bones. Suddenly, a warning from his mother came into his mind. Something special was going to happen today, and his mother was telling him about it.

“ Wayne, today, at the dinosaur room, there’s going to be a little presentation like stuff. It’s written on the notice. Please read it before you do anything. It’s going to be like this ………” 

His mum was talking about it , but he didn’t remember. He shook his head, convinced that he was going to just help the poor dino. He went on the platform and gingerly touched a bone. He began climbing. He could hear voices behind him.

“ Is that boy mad?” 

“ He’ll just hurt himself.” 

“ What’s he trying to do?” 

 “ Security!” 

On hearing the word ‘security’, he began climbing faster and reached the arm. But then, Wayne was fat, and the bones could not bear his weight. They gave away crashing down. Everyone gasped. By then, the museum officials had reached the place with Wayne’s parents. They made his mum and dad pay for the damage. Wayne got a terrific lecture from everyone. The moving of the dinosaur was actually a graphic!

Bad luck Wayne.Hope he doesn’t do this again. For now, this is 


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