Will Diamond overcome her fear?

Here it is again! The book four of ( drum roll, please ) Hetty Feather series – DIAMOND!  

In this book, you’ll be captivated by the adventures of our little circus star, Diamond! I think Hetty Feather has had enough of writing her memoirs. So, she starts writing Diamond’s life story instead.

Ellen Jane was born in a poor family. But boy, she was bendy. She could do backflips, bending easier than a straw. But…… that was later. When she was born, her mother had given up hope on herself. But, then her Ma was pregnant again. While giving birth, she died. 

Ellen Jane earned a few pennies, by doing an acrobatic dance. She feels uneasy, when a stranger starts to stalk her. A man with a monkey employs her to do an acrobatic dance. 

Finally, the stranger had enough. 

The man walked up to Ellen Jane and tried to Kidnap the poor kid. Ellen Jane screamed, hoping to go home again.  The cruel eyed Stranger gave Ellen Jane’s father a huge sum of money. In exchange, the mister would get Ellen Jane. 

So off goes Ellen Jane with Mister. Mister took her to a circus. He was now the master of Ellen Jane. In the circus, Madame Adeline, an old lady wearing makeup, who handles a troop of horses, named Ellen Jane, Diamond. 

Mister teaches Diamond some acrobatic tricks she is not able to learn. He Kept on scaring Diamond. When life seemed lightless for Diamond, … A light came along. 

That light is Hetty Feather! She comes to watch Diamond and her childhood idol. Then … She is desperate to join the circus. But she also has a nagging voice inside her, telling “ Do not leave.” As usual, Hetty ignores that voice and joins the circus. 

She joined as a new ringmaster. But when the circus is too scary for Diamond, will she run away? 

This book is the best in the series of Hetty Feather. Must.. Buy.. It. 

Looking for a lockdown distraction? This book is the ticket. I was dancing when Diamond found some joy. But the best part which I love reading is when Mister scares Diamond, because it’s a bit funny and a lot interesting.  If you like these types of fiction stories, please click this link below and get yourselves a copy.

Diamond (Hetty Feather)

Hope you enjoy reading this book. I recommend this book. Happy reading! 

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